Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's 5:30 in the morning and I'm awake. I drank coffee late last night and I should have remembered that it messes up my sleep. So, I thought I'd make a blog entry.

J went right to the computer yesterday to find another Dickinson poem to copy. She didn't even want to take our early morning break first. She said she likes doing the copywork. We talked about the poem afterwards and although the language usage is over her head, she did get the main idea. We recapped chapter 1 of Little House and she drew a pencil sketch of her favorite part. It's almost overwhelming to finally see her excited about a book! She also did 2 pages of math and was even happy to do that. We were done in 1 hour.

Later that day she was playing Lincoln Logs with W and I saw that J made the Ingalls' log cabin, the little smokehouse, and Ma's garden - complete with dog Jack chasing away the deer that got in. It was really cool and I have it all in an open box on display.

More and more people are finding out that we're homeschooling. Everyone's still being amazingly positive and very curious. I feel so comfortable talking about it now. Every day just gets better and better.

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