Friday, February 18, 2005

I love Fridays. And especially this one because all all the kids will be home next week for mid-winter break. K has been having a rough time with some mean girls at school. I can't believe how nasty some kids are these days. So I'm glad she'll be home a whole week for it all to hopefully blow over. I have a good plan on how to deal with it, though. I hope it works. **insert evil laugh**

I plan on hitting a few museums this week so I got the kids new sketchbooks and colored pencils yesterday. I heard the weather may not cooperate, but we'll make the best of it. J had a really easy week so I'd like to see her getting back into the swing of things next week. She works best sticking to a routine. She prefers copywork first, reading/narration second, and math third. All the new things we add have to go at the end of the list. I will get to history and timeline next week. My being sick knocked us off our groove this week.

I'm still waiting for feedback on the IHIP I sent. I called the guy (my nice contact guy) and told him that I mailed it 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything. He said he hasn't seen anything yet but will contact me when he does. I was a bit worried that it got lost or something and that I knew I should have sent it certified mail. But then I realized it's only been ONE week, not two, and I probably shouldn't have called in the first place. I won't call again unless it's really important.

More and more people are finding out that I'm homeschooling and once again, all have been very supportive. Other kids think it's cool and all the parents are fascinated by the concept. I still have yet to be successful in finding other homeschoolers, though. One group I contacted is now defunct. Another hasn't gotten back to me at all. And all the others are too far away. Maybe once I start hanging out around Manhattan during the day a little more I'll find some.

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