Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here are some pictures from J's solo.

The week was wonderful. The semi-finalist number was beautiful. Although J didn't win, she said she had such a great time and made so many new friends. One of the boys on her team won Junior Mr. XXXXX 2006, and a girl from the 12 y/o team came in 3rd for Miss XXXXX 2006. That team also was chosen to be televised. J's team won Platinum for their tap number and Gold for their 2 jazz numbers. J was a little disappointed in her solo score. She's excited for next year, though, with new numbers and new competitions.

The kids played together every night and day at the hotel or while rehearsing. One night we has a big rehearsal/pizza party. The pool and hot tub was fun, until it started looking skanky by the last day, lol. We parents enjoyed our time too, having cocktails and gabfests every night til 11pm. My parents took K into town one day and B went to a ball game with a few of the other dads. I'm happy to be home and am looking forward to a relaxing August.



Hello! It looks like your daughter did very well. Impressive hand stand!


NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks! The picture was actually shot in the middle of a cartwheel. They take great photos there.