Sunday, July 09, 2006

W had a cool idea yesterday. He wanted to copy the "Jig and Mag" Bob book onto a Word document so he could have the whole story on one page. He typed out the first few pages and them wanted me to do the rest. I asked if he would read me what to type since I can't type and read at the same time ;). So he did and I typed it and printed it. He folded the paper in half, wrote the title on the front and drew a picture of Jig and Mag. He thought it came out great and he's very proud of himself for thinking of it.

His favorite readaloud so far is Caps for Sale. I remember that one when I was little. I asked him if he knew what a "peddler" was, and he said a "seller". I didn't think he knew that. He says he gets sad for the peddler that no one wants to buy any caps. So he decided to add a bit at the end where he walks back into town and sells most of them and gets a lot of money. LOL.

J is still reading Aquamarine. She has been taking it out with her, then forgets to bring it back home so it's never here when she wants it. But I'm happy she has an interest in reading at all. It's been such a long road getting that love-of-learning spark back. It's still not all there, but she's definitely come very far. She's never lost her spark for dancing, though. 6 years of it and she loves it more than ever. Rehearsals are going very well. She's had a couple of private lessons this month and P says she's perfect - except for a bit of sloppiness, but that's not anything a coach can fix. J knows her weaknesses and P even said she's overcome most of them. J really focuses so much more on just having a great time dancing than thinking about technique, winning awards, or qualifying for Title or performance teams. To her, it's all about having fun. I love that about her. I wish I had a fraction of her personality and drive.

K spent the day at her friend's house yesterday. They went to the mall and to the park and K slept over. Her attitude has been so-so lately. I have been reading lots of John Taylor Gatto lately and everything he says about public schools is so true. I see it. And the problems escalate the more years you're there. Sigh. She has changed so much since last year. I worry every day. But I know K has a good head and a good heart and I may need to put forth more effort understanding where she's coming from. I can do that. :)

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