Monday, July 03, 2006

K is still having a grand ol' time at mom's. She spent the day in the pool yesterday at the barbecue they went to, and spent most of today in mom's pool. Then they went out for dinner tonight.

J decided to eschew the fair yesterday and spend the day at home. She and W hung out in our little backyard pool for hours while B smoked a ham in the smoker. J had dance today and was told she should wear her glasses while performing from now on. I noticed she does squint a bit on the stage so it's probably a good idea. B took W to the nearby playground where he played in the sprinklers and made new friends. W has been on such a readaloud kick. I think I read about 15 books to him since yesterday. He laid out all the books on the bed to easily pick which one he wanted next. A few times he read parts to me - creating his own funny voices for the characters.

W finished her essay for the dance studio. It was "Where Do You See Yourself in Dance in 5 Years?". She was done in about 30 minutes, making note of how close she kept getting to the 250 words. I wanted her to not think about that and just write from her heart and see how many words she ended up with, but I didn't say anything and let her at it by herself. She asked me a few times how something sounded or if she should attempt a semicolon placement in a few spots, but she did the whole thing on her own - despite a couple of reluctant starts. It's pretty durn good, too. I'm proud of her.

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