Saturday, July 01, 2006

The day went better than expected. Mom got here from Long Island on time (wow), she found the studio in NJ (double wow), and J got to Giants Stadium right on time. B and W stayed home - it was just easier that way with all that was going on. Mom took K shopping while J rehearsed in the morning, then they all went to McDonalds for lunch. Mom was great at getting J ready. Call time was 3pm by the service gate and they didn't see J again til after 4 when the 5 dances were done.

The fair was really fun. After the performance, J got changed and cleaned off the makeup. They spent the night with their friends going on rides, watching the shows, and doing lots of eating. J ended up on stage again by herself when she was called out of the audience to be the leader for the "Cotton Eyed Joe" dance, LOL. Mom made some dance-mom friends, LOL, and said she had a blast. They got home after 9pm and their all exhausted. J is debating whether or not she wants to do it all again tomorrow. I'm guessing no, since she's not only tired and would like to sleep til 11 tomorrow, but she really doesn't want to go to the same fair again. Besides, none of the kids from her studio are going tomorrow (4th of July plans). She'd love to do the dancing again with or without the friends, but it's such a long, expensive day for a 10 minute performance.

K went back to Long Island with mom to sleep over tonight (maybe tomorrow, too). I'm sure she'll be in the pool a lot and they have a barbecue to go to tomorrow. We got the computer back the other day. I hooked it all up tonight and it seems to be working fine - except there's no sound for some reason. Well, at least they didn't restore anything to factory settings - all our pictures and documents are still there. And the new keyboard is great.

My head is pounding. I had a long day at work. Today was our first day at that next level and boy was it tough! I never felt at stupid as I did today. I was very preoccupied, worried about how J was doing all day, but I got through it and it only gets easier from here. I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday and I'm going in early on Monday (extra hours = extra money! LOL).

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