Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Now that we're home, I'm finding it so hard to get myself moving. I came down with a terrible head cold and cough and all I see is how much cleaning I need to do. I worked Monday, was off yesterday and worked tonight. I just want to empty out every room, scour it all, and put 1/4 of the things back (with 3/4 of everything thrown out!). I did some today, but it feels so overwhelming.

I was reading someone's blog today and they mentioned MathUSee, which I had looked into some months back. I went to the website and checked out the sample pages. W happened to walk by at that time and said, "can I do that math?", "can you print that out for me to do?", "I want to do that page with you". So I lifted him into my lap and we played around with counting by tens and doing simple addition. Earlier we had done about a dozen pages in his first grade workbook - ending sounds, missing vowels, silent e, and matching games. This was J's old book and he just loves it. He treats it like any other game he has. Today he also had me go over the US president flash cards and play a 1st grade LeapFrog game with him (Madagascar). He played with Play Doh, learned how maps work (along with north, south, east, and west), played games on, read "I Like Bugs" and "Caps for Sale" with me, painted a bunch of pictures with watercolors, played waterguns in the bathroom, and started a soap carving. His days are unbelievably productive, aren't they?

J and K also kept pretty busy today. They are much more mellow and relax a lot more than W, but I don't blame them after the long week and long drive we had. K read a lot today and plans on writing to her penpal in Spain tomorrow. J played on the computer, practiced some acrobatics, and watched tapes of when she was little. We all watched a few movies today, all together in my bed. I love the snuggly time. Tomorrow we'll go run some errands (food shopping, Mary Kay delivery, etc), maybe I'll get some cleaning done, and I'll go to work at 6. I'd like to get to Hershey Park in the next few weeks, to the Museum of Natural History (W's been asking to see the dinosaurs again), and to a few library shows. Summer will be over before I know it and soon K will be going back to hell, um, I mean middle school. I want to make the most of the weeks we have left. ;)

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