Thursday, February 14, 2008

The circus class is getting better and better. J is learning more flips and is starting to try aerial cartwheels. W is gaining confidence with one-handed cartwheels and mini-trampoline jumps onto big mats. J used the trapeze again, hanging upside-down and flipping off of it. The instructor told me she is VERY good - she only needs to be shown things once and she gets them and she enjoys thinking of new things every week to challenge her. Here is a pic of the kids on the mat. In the foreground you can see 2 women practicing aerial silk acrobatics.

At home, J made soup (organic tomato and roasted pepper, really really good) and chicken nuggets for lunch. W did a couple of pages in his writing workbook, read me a bunch of stories from a cute website, and did reading activity game cards with J and me. J spent time on the American Girl website and then both kids sat together going through our baby books, "awww-ing" at every picture and caption. I ate way too many chocolates today. B gave us all a box this morning - I found a box of sugar-free ones for him, which (due to it having lots of sugar alcohol) happens to have more grams of carbohydrates than my sugary caramel ones. The kids are playing Gamecube together now and K is at the juice bar across the street from school with her friends. There's no dance today (J got the day off!), but I have work at 6 and then it's home to a nice dinner and our family screen-time watching Lost! Yay!

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