Friday, February 22, 2008

The other day we went with the homeschool group to a local environmental center. I had set this trip up months ago and purposely scheduled it when the school kids were off and we'd have the place to ourselves, lol. The topic was "deciduous forests" and there was a class for the younger kids (5-9) and the older kids (10-14). J and W got their own class, which is always fun. I didn't sit in on the classes, but from what I hear, the teachers were really wonderful with them. After an hour or so they each did a nature walk, pointing out things they talked about. The kids also got to learn about some of the different animal they keep there - W was in awe with the snake around his neck and J melted over the black dwarf bunny she got to pet. I was very pleased with the turnout (33 kids altogether) and the weather! I think this is the first trip I planned without it raining or snowing. I'm definitely setting up another trip there in the spring.

CCD, circus class, and basketball were all cancelled this week due to President's week. Not dance, though! Actually, another day was added since the kids are off, lol. One of the main dancers in the older group, who has been with this studio at least 6 years suddenly up and left. The owner now has to redo all the older group dances and a couple of the combined group dances. Unbelievable. The next competition is in 2 weeks. But this is a very tight, very talented group of kids and I know they'll pull it together by then.

It's snowing today! And a good amount, too! We'll be out playing in a little while! (and shoveling).

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