Monday, February 18, 2008

The weather here has been so werd lately. 60 degrees down to 20 then back to 60. Everyone I know is sick. Thankfully not us, though B went through a slight flu-ey cold-ish thing that lasted 2 days. I'm glad spring is right around the corner. I can't wait to spend days outside with the kids.

J got her new Teaching Textbooks math program the other day. She couldn't wait to get started on it. I sat with her as she started on the first lesson and she kept saying how much she loved it. I wish I had something like this when I was her age. I think she was at it for almost an hour when it was time to leave - and she was upset to have to cut it short. It's done on the computer with CD Roms and a big workbook. I'm going to get her some earphones so she won't be distracted by any noise.

We were at my mom's this weekend. K's Sidekick 3 was all mangled, so mom took her to the store where it was bought and it was replaced with a Sidekick Slide. The guy said the "3" was very crappily made and it's not even around anymore. Mom ripped him a new one and said she wasn't moving from the store until he did something about the broken phone. Go Ma! At least he replaced it. Usually the replacement is a refurbished phone. K got a brand new one.

So school is out this week for K. She's sleeping over a friend's house tonight, but plans on spending the rest of the week doing the ridiculous amount of homework she got. School sure knows how to kill family time. Jeez. She'll also be practicing a song for the talent show next month. And she's thinking about going on the school ski trip. I'm glad she's making the most out of her school experience. As long as she's enjoying it, that's what's important to me.

I bought some books at Borders today. A huge flip-book atlas mappy thing, a couple of books on knights (the kids' new interest since the armor exhinit at the Met), one on cultures of the world (J loves it and read some during the car ride home from Mom's), a puzzle book for W (which he did a few pages of on the car ride home), a couple of new readaloud novels, and a book on converstaional Spanish (both kids love that one). I think I'm just going to leave them out on the table throughout the week (along with some other books/resources/games that are getting forgotten about) and let the kids just go at them.

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