Thursday, February 07, 2008

The kids went to their circus class again this morning. There are 6 kids in the class and we were the only ones there for about 20 minutes, which was cool since it was like a private lesson for them. Today they learned new leaps, falls, jumps, acrobatics, and some TRAPEZE! Omg. It was great seeing them today. J's face was one big smile throughout the whole class and W was constantly happy-dancing between his turns. W learned better cartwheels and roundoffs and J learned how to do a front handspring. B met us there after 15 minutes so he got to watch almost the whole class today. He probably won't get to do that again. He had an early doc appt and took the day off work. Here are some pics from today:

I emailed my quarterly reports yesterday. Mr. Harrington, the new NYC homeschool coordinator, emailed back saying no more emails (or faxes) will be accepted. Sigh. New guy, new rules. So then I emailed back saying, OK, I'll snail-mail it, but please be sure to email me verification that it was received. So then he calls me. He is a very very nice man and apologetically stated that there are just too many hs'ers to send quarterly responses too, but he will send one if I really need it. Actually, it's fine with me. I only need a response to the IHIP and at the end of the year. I understand the office is disorganized and he is picking up the pieces of what was left behind. He seemed adamant about not requiring anything of us that isn't in the regulations. This is good, since it could possibly mean he won't be nitpicky about wording and will most likely stay off our backs. So I'll be mailing everything - regular mail. Yep, I said it. I refuse to spend more than the 41 cents it takes to mail a letter. If they don't receive something (or conveniently "lose" stuff like they have in the past) I'll just resend it. I am so not sweating this. Oh, and I did receive letters of IHIP compliance today in the mail for both kids.

J and I spent the day running around for last minute shopping for this weekend. Her workshop includes being in a music video. Friday night is all the workshop classes and Saturday morning/afternoon is casting and creating the video. Their doing a jazz, tap, and hip-hop number for it - all with different clothes. Then right after that is the competition. J's in 7 numbers for this one. It's the most she's ever done. Today we bought black gore boots, foot undeez, capri jazz pants, $70 worth of M.A.C. makeup, sneakers, shorts, hair spray, bobby pins, hair ties, and margarita mix (oh wait, that one's for me). Tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut, the girls are getting mani-pedis, we're all finishing packing and doing the big once-over for all the costumes, shoes, and accessories. EEEEK! I can't believe it's comp time again!

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