Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yesterday, J read a great book called Our World to W. This is a book about how children live in other countries. It touches on communities. food, celebrations, and recreation. It starts with 5 African countries, then goes into the other continents. They have both decide they want to read about a different country every week and each will make a project about it. The first country just so happens to be Egypt - which we can segue right into nicely after learning about Ancient Egypt.

W was inventing a few games today. He has this weird game that comes with a lot of thick, flat, wooden circles. So he took the pieces and built us each a wall and a tower. The object of his game was to flick a circle over the opponents wall to knock down the tower. Then his next game was similar to checkers. He made up new rules and figured new strategies. Then we decided to make a domino rally out of them. He was having a blast coming up with new ways to use these little circles.

In the afternoon, we received a package in the mail. One of the props J uses this dance season is a folding chair with arm-desk attached. We left the prop at the last venue so we had to order another one (ugh, I know). They only come in sets of 2, so we're keeping the other one. Yeah, it's a really schooly thing to have, but the kids love it. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing "teacher" - not "school", which was funny to me. So they used the new chair and the big blackboard mom got them a few months ago and took turns being the teacher. J plans on using the chair as her own little desk area, for when she does some workbook or do some writing. She loves that it can go anywhere in the house and fold up and away afterward.

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