Monday, February 11, 2008

It was a great weekend! Friday started with workshop classes from 5-10pm. They had 3 different teachers teaching 3 different styles of dance (tap, jazz, and hip-hop). Saturday morning was more classes from 8-12, then a lunch break, then right into shooting a music video from 12:30-2:30. Saturday evening was the solos competition. Sunday morning started all the group numbers. J was done with her 5 group #s by about 11:30am. The older group from our studio (about 8 13/14 year-olds) had their dances from 11:30 to 3:30, so we stayed to watch them as well. (Out of seven possible awards to receive, High Gold and Platinum are the top 2). J was awesome. She got:

Jazz Solo - High Gold
Open Solo - High Gold
3 groups - High Gold each
2 groups - Platinum each

J's solo received 2nd place out of 13 in the jazz category. Our studio came away with first place in most of the intermediate and teen group and duet categories. There were 11 studios there from all over NY, and NJ. At the end of the final awards ceremony, they showed the music video the kids shot the day before. It was ok - very short, not many close-ups, not what I thought it would be, but overall the experience was worth it. J got some good experience with different choreography, casting, and video shooting.

W spent most of the weekend in the pool and hanging with the other little brothers. K is friends with all the dancers and had a great weekend with them. All the kids had a blast (as usual). My mom drove up on Saturday. She loves being with us and watching J dance. We got home by about 5:30pm on Sunday. It had started snowing heavily right before we left, but driving was fine. Next comp is in a month and we're already getting excited about it!

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