Friday, April 03, 2009

Head Heart Hands Health...

...and Homeschoolers!!

J and W are now part of a brand new homeschoolers 4H club. 4H is a very old organization with a focus on "hands-on learning". Wikipedia says it's slogan is "Learn By Doing" - gotta love that. 4-H programs can be found in three expansive mission mandates: Science, Engineering, Technology, Citizenship, and Healthy Living. While originally a group revolving around agriculture, animal husbandry, and farming, 4H continuously develops new programs like photography, conservation, cooking, public speaking, history, art, and more. What a great opportunity.

The kids had a really good time with it. At the initial meeting there were about 10 kids. The woman running it was such a pro. She had awesome activities planned and kept the kids very engaged. J wasn't sure she'd be into it, but is eager to go back next week. Several of her friends were there which made it more fun. W really loved it. The activities were so cool for him. He certainly loves science and this class was full of that. Afterwards many of us walked to the playground and the kids just let loose for an hour or so. That's when a wise girl in our group said it should be the 5-H Club - for Homeschoolers! LOL.

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