Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Zoo Class

W's last zoo class at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn was today. They spent time on the pond rug discussing the previous classes and what they learned. They pet a giant rabbit and W got to show everyone the skin that his lizard shed the other day. He was happy that the kids came over to him to touch the skin and ask him questions. Then everyone got to explore the Discovery Center. We walked through it every week before going into the classroom, and W always tried to stop and play first, but was always told "not this week". He was so excited to finally get to play. It has various "centers" and live animals like turtles and a tarantula. He loved the frog-feet gloves, the animal info cards, and the "what animals eat" center. J, B, and I enjoyed exploring a bit too.

We explored the rest of the zoo a bit after the class was over. We went through the "Discovery Trail", where we saw kangaroos, red pandas, porcupines, and bright-colored birds. They had "lilypads", "eggshells", "turtle shells", and a "spider web" for the kids to play on. In one area are 2 families of baboons. They are great to watch. The rule is not to smile at them or they think you're being aggressive by showing your teeth. I've heard they jumped at the glass at a few spectators once.

Before we went out in the afternoon, W spent about an hour-and-a-half on academics. I'm going to start keeping track (on the blog) of what he's doing. I can't believe it's April already and we're still following this curriculum. I mean it's great and all and we take our time with it, but I really thought he would have canned it by now. He loves the routine each day and he loves the feeling that he is learning so much. Of course I know he would be learning tons even without this schedule, but if it makes him feel proud, then so be it. Since this may be a daily thing, I'll keep it separate with a broken line.


Today's academics:

~ 3 pages in his CIMS math workbook on coin value and counting coins up to $.50
~ 1 page in Spectrum Phonics (2nd grade) on 3-letter consonant blends
~ We read A. A. Milne's "Teddy Bear" and W's copywork was the first sentence from that poem in cursive.
~ We read "Hengist's Treachery" from An Island Story. W gave a great narration afterward.
~ We read "The Leap at Rhodes" from The Aesop for Children. We discussed the story and the moral.
~ We finished Ben Franklin (D'Auliere) and W gave a narration about the last years of Franklin's life.

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