Sunday, April 26, 2009

This morning J and W had CCD class. He’s making his First Holy Communion next week and is getting prepped for that. He has a gorgeous Perry Ellis suit that has been tailored to fit. He’s so excited that he’ll be now able to “eat the cookie” at mass. He spent this beautiful (and really warm) Sunday afternoon at the playground. He and his friends made-up and played lots of games. They also had a water fight. The sprinklers weren’t on - I guess it’s still technically too early in the year - so they improvised with the water fountain.

W is setting up a 13″ tv in his room. This tv was mine from 20 years ago! It won’t have cable connection, but it will have a dvd player under it. W has a loft bed and a huge underneath area for all his toys, chairs, hamper, and now the tv. J already has a tv and dvd player in her room.

In the late afternoon,the kids helped B with the barbecuing. W and J were riding their ripsticks and bikes. That ripstick is really hard to manage. I actually tried it one time. And wouldn’t you know it, W soon came upstairs with a bloody knee. After dinner we just took it easy watching America’s Funniest Home Videos and a movie. Then I went over all of W academic stuff for the upcoming week making sure we have everything we need. J is focusing mainly on math and reading this week.

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