Tuesday, April 28, 2009

W, J, and B went to Old Navy this morning. J got a couple of tank tops and a shorts outfit. She found a giftcard from last year. W got 2 pairs of flip flops. Since the weather is very summer-like, he's been dying to get out of his socks and sneakers. When they came back, our friends came over to give us their goldfish and frog. They are moving to Spain very soon and are cleaning out the house. We've always had fish, frogs, etc, so we were excited for some more.

W had First Communion practice this afternoon at the church. B dropped him off then swung around to drive J to dance. She's the assistant teacher on Tuesdays at 4pm for the 7yo ballerinas and tappers. W had musical theater with her at 6:30, then J had tap and contemporary choreography til 8:30pm for the upcoming competition. K called me after school to see if it was ok to get her "cartilage" pierced. Um, what? It was ok with me, as long as she pays for it and doesn't come home with a 3-inch metal rod through 2 sections of her ear. She came home and showed me a pretty little gold stud near the upper part of her ear. It looks really nice, actually. I might just get one myself (along with the tattoo my mom wants to get with me - as soon as I get up the nerve, lol).

K's also been freaking out over the swine flu that some of her friends are getting. Her high school is about a mile away from the one on the news. Another high school a few blocks away from hers supposedly had some kids with "flu-like symptoms" who were sent home. All these kids know each other and hang out together. I just want to keep her home until college. But she is still going to school - and washing her hands about 39 times a day. I don't know how these kids can even concentrate with all this crap going around. ugh.

W's academics today:

~ 3 pages in CIMS math workbook - counting coins up to $.50 (visual and word problems) and a dot-to-dot finding only the even numbers in the 200s.
~ 1 page in Spectrum Phonics on 3-letter consonant blends
~ We read an A.A. Milne poem "Knights and Ladies"
~ Copywork was the first sentence of that poem in cursive
~ We read "The Inchcape Rock" from Fifty Famous Stories Retold. W gave a narration afterward.
~ We read 4 pages of "As You Like It" from Tales of Shakespeare (Lamb). It's a bit hard to understand for an 8-year-old, but we discuss it as we read. I think he kind of likes the older language. He'll read the original in a later year.

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