Saturday, April 18, 2009

I took the girls out to a jewelry party at my sister's house last night. It was a cool party with lots of women and some gorgeous bling. My little sister (the chef) made incredible finger foods and desserts: skewered chicken, rice paper beet/cucumber wraps, smoked cheeses on crackers, and so much more. I bought an ankle bracelet and my mom got the girls something each. We left after 11pm and I don't think I got to sleep til after 3am. I'm not cut out for late-nights anymore. Ugh, I was a tired mess all day today.

We slept over my mom's and went out for breakfast this morning. Then I dropped the girls off at home and I went to work. J and K went over their friends' houses this afternoon. W spent the day at the playground. He had a huge game of freeze-tag going on with over 10 kids. In the evening we played chess - he loves it. Then we read together. AO gives a list of "free reading" that I just figured we'd never get to. But since he was sleepy and mellow, I suggested something light like Little House in the Big Woods. J loved that book and I think he likes it now too. It would be so great if we can get back into the evening readaloud. It mellows my kids out even more - and me too.

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