Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week Recap

Last Wednesday was a nice relaxing day at home. W did A.A. Milne copywork, 3 math pages, lots of reading, reading comprehension games, and we read some Ben Franklin bio, Aesop's, and Our Island Story. He played Wii for a little while after that and spent a few hours wit B at the playground. J spent the day at a friend's house and slept over. Thursday the kids had 4H club.

Friday W went to the homeschool group book club. They read The Lorax and I now love that story. W had cub scouts that evening and J went with her friend to see The Hannah Montana Movie. My sister picked me up around 3 and we drove up to Warwick, NY to see my cousin D do an acoustic set at a local coffee house. He played guitar and harmonica and sang with an adorable girl from the neighborhood. I was so proud of him and happy that I got to see him before he heads to the Navy. Saturday, the girls enjoyed a day out with friends, I worked, and W and B went to the park and cooked dinner together. Sunday was Easter and we all went out to my mom's house. Yesterday, W did more morning academics - B has been home for a while and can see what W does. We were supposed to go to the zoo class, but there was an accident or something bringing the BQE to a complete standstill, so we didn't make it. W went to the playground instead. It's teeming with kids since school is off this week. K has been busy, too. She's spending lots of time with her friends and is getting ready to be "in the court" at a sweet 16 later this week. She and 4 other girls (with matching dresses and shoes) and 5 guys are helping the birthday girl "debut". I think there's even a waltz involved. Tanning and getting a mani-pedi are in her plans for the week.

W has been really getting into his workbooks and readings. He still loves math and is now starting to really enjoy grammar. He's moved on from phonics and has started with punctuation and parts of speech. He flipped his book right to a short test and got everything correct - even though we never really went over much about sentence formation and past tenses. I guess all that reading and copywork really sinks in! With our history readings, he asks to look at a map to understand more about the countries in the stories. It's so interesting how he just gets it. We're both having a lot of fun together with it all.

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