Thursday, May 04, 2006

Every morning J and I check out the daily email to see what the day's topic is, what holidays are recognized around the world, and what happened on this date (events, births, deaths). We read them aloud together and usually end up doing further research on one or more topics (just because it looks interesting). Today we happened to read a sentence about the Panama Canal and this led to a terrific discussion. We pulled up maps and learned about the shipping industry, oceans and their difference from seas and gulfs, Drake's Passage, Cape Horn, isthmuses, the Erie Canal, measuring miles and kilometers, canal locks, and world trade. We also saw that today is Rhode Island's Independence Day and the date Peter Minuet landed on Manhattan island in 1626 (and a few weeks later bought it from the Algonquin Indians for the equivalent of $24) - which sparked discussions on the colonies, England, and some US geography - and how world trade was like then. We can find connections between all kinds of subjects. I think the best way for people to gain a deep knowledge about the world and how it works is to somehow see how everything can have a connection to something else. Learning really stays interesting that way.

I didn't do anything I needed to do today. I had planned to pack, go through all J's costumes, get my outfit ready for my interview in the morning, and put away 3 feet of laundry on the basement table. Nada. I just can't relax today and yet I can't get myself to get anything done. I'm nervous and excited about going on this interview and I'm nervous and excited about J's competition - this is the one we're going to for Nationals also. I'll be fine by tomorrow night. LOL.


Patrice said...

I can'y wait to hear what happens! Good luck!

mrspilkington said...

hope the interview went well!