Monday, May 08, 2006

Second interview this afternoon went well. I guess I'll hear from them hopefully this week. Still need to see if B can switch his hours. I'm nervous about that, but if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be.

Musical Theater class was great today. The number is just about finished and ready to go on stage. The owner saw W and asked him if he'd like to have a solo next year and compete in competitions. He would so love that. She said he's definitely got plenty of rhythm and very good timing. She even knows who she wants as his solo coach - it would be the guy who teaches his hip-hop class. This guy coached a boy on J's team who has won Platinum at every competition we've gone to. If I get this job, I would love to be able to open up these kinds of opportunities for the kids. K wants more advanced classes and I'm sure J's team will have more dance days/hours added. I'd have more than enough to take care of that, plus plenty to put towards bills, and more outings.

My mom prefers we use that money for a bigger apartment. I can understand, but that would mean double our rent and I don't want to live our lives struggling to pay the bills and having to then limit the experiences my kids can have. I grew up kind of poor, had no extracurricular activities, and always felt guilty if I needed money for something because I knew my mom didn't really have it. It sucked and I don't want my kids to feel that guilt - but to still understand the value of a dollar. Back then, we had fun running around the block and the neighborhood, showing up unannounced at friends' houses, playing ball in the street, and just coming and going as we pleased. Kids can't do that safely anymore (maybe it wasn't safe then either). The apartment and backyard is only so fun. Anyplace else there is to go not only requires I'm there too, but it requires at least some money. I'd rather live in a smallish apartment and be able to experience this city in every way we can, than a big apartment watching and worrying over every dime. KWIM?


la Maitresse said...

"I'd rather live in a smallish apartment and be able to experience this city in every way we can, than a big apartment watching and worrying over every dime."

I so know what you mean! We were miserable (no, M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E) in our house in Westchester. And the poverty thing, I've been there. We do not live in luxury today, and as a child I was pretty much poverty-stricken. The wonderful thing about no t.v. (or a black-and-white t.v., as was my case) is that I was sufficiently bored to explore my surroundings - atop avocado trees, lakes, over the occasional book, other friends' homes. I made up my own games and sports because I had none.

Regarding allowing kids to "hang out" - I think it is just as "dangerous" today for kids to hang out as it was back then (thanks to the media, we believe otherwise), only now we have the benefit of cellphones to keep tabs on our babies.

And as to saving up pennies for a "nicer" home, do what your conscience dictates.

NYCitymomx3 said...

That's just it. I like where I am now. I live in a 2-family house with a backyard, garage, basement, washer/dryer, front patio, and nice-sized garden. My block is quiet and I'm in walking distance to everything. And my rent is low because dh's family owns the house. I can't imagine finding anything close to what I have now without spending a fortune.

But both my parents seem to think I'm suffering terribly because we only have 2 bedrooms and a small kitchen. Nothing I say will convince them otherwise. Then I start wondering if they're right and maybe I'm supposed to feel that way too! LOL!

Patrice said...

Boy I can relate. We live in 2 bedrooms right now--cool since the kids are young enough not to care. But when we move, we will have 4 bedrooms and pay less in mortgage than we do in rent which is such a plus--only downside is it's not home in NY (and I've got my eye on a 3.5 million dollar carriage house in the east village if we ever win the lotter--ROFL!) But if it didn't end up being more cost effective for us (Thank you Habitat) I'd be terrified. I come from a family of long term apartment dwellers--heck, my younger Aunt still lives in the project apartment she grew up in, and my older has lived in the same apartment since like 89 and she makes over 90K. Everyone knows their comfort levels. But people (especially family) always like to give advice--hahaha)