Friday, May 19, 2006

First day of work was A-OK! All the new employees had orientation for 2 hours. The guy spent the first 20 minutes going over company procedure and policies and the next hour and a half telling all about the free stuff we get. Put it this way - it's a huge company with a lot of connections EVERYWHERE. I would work there just for the free stuff alone. And they give you extra money all the time for all different things. I really can't believe how perfect it seems. I'm being cautious, though, LOL! I actually can't wait to go back tomorrow.

J and W played Monopoly this morning. I was cleaning but made a point to hear what was going on, lol. J was banker and W's job was to add up the dice after it was rolled. He really got into it and I kept hearing J say, "yeah, W, that's right!". Then they played Hangman. W was spelling out and guessing words and doing lots of handwriting practice! W and I then went to and watched movies about penguins and chocolate. He even took the quizzes after the movies and remembered almost all the information! Today he said my shirt smelled "familiar", told me what he remembered about the water cycle (I didn't even ask, I swear!), and aced an online sight-word quiz. He reads pretty well now, but won't show anyone. I don't think he's confident about it. His teachers don't even know he can read. He's that kind of kid - he won't reveal what he can do unless he knows he can do it well.

J and I are going to the NY Hall of Science sometime next week. She's been dying to get back there. I may keep W home from school so he can come too. Tomorrow, B is taking all the kids to the recital rehearsal for the day. They all get to practice all their numbers on the stage. Next weekend is Team Rave so J and I will be spending the whole weekend at a hotel together, and she gets to dance (with several of her best friends!) for 8 hours a day!! She's thrilled and can't wait. LOL. I think we may also be going to Six Flags in June. I love this time of year, I get so inspired to get out and about.


Patrice said...

My kids would LOVE to do something they love and get to hang out at a hotel with friends around. Kewl!

NYCitymomx3 said...

It's definitely one of the highlights of being in the dance company!