Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today W felt like learning about the US presidents so we found some *gasp* flash cards lying around and read them off one by one. He knew Washington, Lincoln, and Clinton, and knows our current pres is Bush. He then moved on to Play-Doh cutouts and some reading games online. He insisted on bringing the entire set of flash cards to school to show everyone, and later on the teacher told me he laid them all out on the floor and made up games for the class to play. This teacher is right up W's alley. She allows the kids so much freedom and is very patient, kind, and soft-spoken. I feel that makes up for her knuckle-biting massacre of the English language. (lol)

J made brunch - bagels and hard-boiled eggs - and ate while checking her emails and changing some pictures on her website. I found a math worksheet website later on and printed out some stuff I know she enjoys, mainly adding fractions with different denominators, changing improper fractions into mixed numerals, and reducing the answers to their lowest form. She likes to sit on my lap and tell me all the steps out loud. We got the High School Musical DVD so she watched that afterwards while singing and dancing along.

We all drove J to dance, picked up B at the train, drove me to work, B drove back to dance, brought everyone home, made dinner, and drove to pick me up. I know it sounds like a lot, but we're melding into a nice routine. I plan on doing more, like making dinner early so it can just be reheated and making sure the place is picked up before they all get back home. I'm doing a lot better, but I could do more. I feel rejuvinated at 9:15 when I get home and feel like doing something fun with the kids. Since they're kinda tired at that time, reading together is perfect for all of us.


Mammal_Mama said...

I also "gasped" inwardly when my oldest took an interest in coloring books and worksheets. I realized I needed to let her follow her own interests, rather than expecting her to conform to my "free-form" unschooling ideal. She doesn't want to do the structured stuff very often, and it honestly hasn't taken away from her creativity. I think the coloring actually helped her get better controk of her small muscles.

NYCitymomx3 said...

I think as long as you let them lead, you can't go wrong. Many kids impose structure upon themselves as a way to sort out their lives and this fosters creativity. I believe creativity is the foundation of a successful life, no matter what your career path. Kudos to you.