Sunday, May 21, 2006

Work is going amazingly well so far. I anticipated a lot more problems with the timing, but it's working out. Now I gotta figure out how I'm going to get through this Team Rave weekend. B has a half-day Friday, so J and I will leave early and get there by 2 or 3 the latest. There's a parent meeting at 4 and J starts dancing at 4:30. I have to leave there before 4:30 to get to work by 6. Thank goodness this is only 1 hour away. Then I'll get back to the hotel by 10:30. We're sharing the hotel room with another dance mom so she'll watch J til I get there. In the morning, J has dance at 8am, so she'll go with the other mom and I will leave for work at 7:30 to get there by 9. I should probably give myself more than 1/2 hour leeway in case of traffic, but I just have to hope for the best. During these training weeks, I can't miss any days or be late.

The recital rehearsal went very well. B did a fantastic job in my place. Normally I'd feel sad that I wasn't there, but I know B knows what he's doing and besides, I've seen these dances dozens of times. W was in his element on stage and can't wait to do it again. K loved it too and all her friends from the 12 y/o dance company were cheering for her. The recital is in 3 weeks.

Today was the last day of CCD for the year. B took the kids to a pet store and almost came home with a hamster. I would have brought it right back. I had a hamster as a child and hated it. LOL. We have a bird, that's enough. Then they all went to the park for a while. B drove the girls home later on and took W to the supermarket with him. I got a lot of cleaning done today. It's so much easier when I'm by myself in the house! J did some painting, wanted to find out why a tea bag doesn't steep in cold water as fast as hot water (anyone know the answer?? I know it floats in cold and sinks in hot, but why?), and did some more computer website layout creations. When I was clearing away a pile of paper clutter, I saw a notebook that I thought was one of our blank ones. To my surprise, I saw several days worth of very recent journal entries from J! She's keeping a journal! I put it right back and I won't mention it. And I won't read it either. (but the one page I did read was very well written, with perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. LOL, Shhhh).


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Sorry but im a little confused.. so you dont need a degree to homeschool?

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Here are the Q&As about homeschooling from the NY State Education Department: