Monday, May 15, 2006

I had to meet with the job recruiter to fill out more forms. Jeez, they're really thorough. J stayed with MIL, who, as usual, gave her the 3rd degree on what "work" she's doing. I told J to just tell her she finished for the day already. MIL will never understand homeschooling, let alone unschooling, so we just try and get out of the subject quickly. After I left the recruiter I had 30 minutes to pick up J, pick up W from school, drive J to an early dance rehearsal, drive back to get K from school, and go home. Then a little over an hour later we went back to dance for K's class and the parent number which is right after. W somehow ended up in the Musical Theater number - so all 3 kids are in that one. This is going to be a crazy recital.

B had a gig tonight in Greenwich Village. It's a new place for them. My mom is thinking of moving back to Queens (yay!!), so maybe I can actually get to one of B's shows someday soon! It's been way too long. I miss seeing him sing. I just fall in love with him all over again watching him on stage. LOL!

J's been doing a lot of computer stuff lately. Layouts, HTML codes, photo retouching and collaging, and tons of research on whatever piques her interest at the time. She and W are playing lots of games together and they're really getting along well. I've noticed a lot of sticking up for and helping each other at the playground, too. I just can't wait til summer when I have all the kids home. My mom has been so supportive of all the homeschooling and dance goings-on. She said she can't believe how amazing and wonderful the kids are and she gets so teary-eyed just talking about them. She is so proud of them (and me!) and can gush about them endlessly. Hey, I can listen to that all day! LOL! I'm so glad she finally gets it. It's nice having someone to talk about everything with (besides, B). I hope she moves back soon.


Patrice said...

Crud, my comment got swallowed. I'm so surprised your mother is thinking of moving back to Queens. And that she's so supportive about everything now--what a change from what you posted a while back. :) I thought she wanted y'all to move out to the Island. Is she thinking about moving to your area? Things are so high out there now, that's what sucks so bad, otherwise I'd be demanding I meet you now (LOL!) cause we'd still be in NY. ;)

NYCitymomx3 said...

Mom just wants us to have a house with more room - near her. I am not a Long Island person. I can visit, but I'll never live there. She wants to move to Astoria - it's where she grew up and she's always loved it there (Ditmars area). Can't wait!

Patrice said...

I would have LOVED to move back to Astoria. I was looking at some of the home prices out there though--OUCH! Ditmars was always so comfy though--homey. I love living near the "L"