Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Job update: I called and followed-up with an email stating that yes I'm still interested and we're all set for a Friday morning interview. B will be home with the kids (since we're all leaving for the competition later that day). They expect a "professional appearance" so I'm going tomorrow with my sister to buy a business suit. I probably won't be required to wear that everyday if I get the job, but it's better to professionally overdress at a first interview than underdress. I still need to know if B can possibly work 8-4 instead of 9-5 so this can actually be do-able. Otherwise I need to ask if this position's hours are flexible. B says it's a 50-50 chance he can switch. I think there's a 10-90 chance that this job can. Won't know til we ask, though, right?

So, this morning W and I played around on beginner reading websites. Then one site we found was just a big worksheet that he wanted me to print out for him. There were about 24 examples of spelling and writing 3-letter words on the page. He spelled "fox" and wrote it, then cat, then dog. Then he was done writing, but wanted to spell things for me out loud without writing, so we did the next few: pig, jet, and bed, and he'd had enough. He knows "cvc" words very well. I know if he was in Kindergarten they would reprimand him in some way for not wanting to finish a given page of work. A lot of kids hate this boring crap. It becomes so clear to me how J went from wanting to do nothing but read and write (3-4 years old) to wanting to do anything but read and write (right after Kindergarten). It still pisses me off.

J and I drove out to the dance shop to get some toe thongs and foot "undeez". We were by her old dance studio and saw the owner (who was J's ballet teacher 6 years ago). We both waved through the window and she came running out to us amazed at how tall J got, reminisced about when J was 3-years-old, and asked if she could still do that great straddle split. We talked for a good while. She remembered us immediately. At the bookstore last month, J's 3rd-grade teacher had no idea who we were AT ALL. No, really. She had the dance teacher 45 minutes a week, for 9 months, 6 years ago. She had her 3rd grade teacher 30 hours a week, for 5 months, 1 year ago. That tells me a lot. I'm so glad to be a homeschooling mom.


Patrice said...

Kinda makes you wonder if all the faces at school run together. Although back in the days, I had a teacher sometimes who remembered when she had my mother! Sigh, where are those kinds of teachers? Nicw being where everyone knows your name. :)

Are you nervous? Ick interview clothes--but it's true what you say. I always dressed for my theatre interviews and I was a stage manager or crew--got me work. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

I was in a bit of a bad mood when I wrote that post. I have had extraordinary teachers in the past (maybe 2 or 3). I don't think the world (or maybe just this city) has many left. Work is just work, and even though some teachers start out feeling like they can change the world, they soon realize they can't - but they still have to make a buck. KWIM?

I am soooo nervous. It's almost surreal.