Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yesterday J, W, and I went to the playground and got orange shaved ices. They are called "raspados" (or chorados or piraguas depending on what country your from). I'm addicted to those. J had dance in the afternoon and at home, W brought me his alphabet workbook to do with him. He made me a beautiful Mother's Day card at school, as well as a painted jewelry box (with "jewels" glued on) and a little bead bracelet inside.

I joined Flylady again and plan to get uber-organized very soon. With work starting soon, I want to not have to worry about that. OMG. Work. That sounds so weird.

J had dance this afternoon, too. They went over the solo montage and the finale for the recital. The owner, S's mom, and I hung around after everyone was done, had a beer, and talked for over an hour. The girls were in the dance room making up their own dance for us to watch. They called it "Rotten Twinz" and danced to "Kids in America", LOL. The owner is excited for W to do a solo next year. She may want to use the same song their using in W's hip-hop class because he'll be familiar with it. W says he'd love to do a solo at a competition. I am a bit nervous about it, though. We'll see.

When we got home, B took W to the store and picked up some stuff for dinner. They spent a couple of hours in the backyard playing with the neighbor's dog and W rode his scooter while B cooked.

I would like to stick with some sort of plan this week. A morning cleanup, a trip or two, some art projects, a science experiment, the library, some readalouds, and the tv off during the day is enough for now. Spring Fever hit hard this year and we're feeling a bit lazy lately. I know J will be happy about that.

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Patrice said...

FlyLady?? EEEKKK! I tried that, and well I couldn't keep the e-mails organized enough to get my act together. LOL!

BTW, hahahahaha, with the times that I read your journal (2:30 AM right now) sometimes I have to double read. I guess I wasn't paying attention too well b/c I thought I read B cooked the neighbor's dog. ROFL! I can't stop laughing. LOL!