Friday, May 01, 2009

Thursday was an easy, relaxing day. J had dance at 4:30, W went to the playground by the dance studio, and then had Communion rehearsal at 7:30. Today B took J and W shopping for some last minute stuff for tomorrow and for pieces of costume to wear in the dance recital (white tees, sweatpants, necktie, etc). I actually went out and got a haircut (I think I go bi-annually). Now I just have to finish up some more grooming for tomorrow. B is going to cook lots of Italian food tonight. J had dance practice at 4:30 and is going to see a show at one of the performing arts high schools. Her whole team is going (6 kids). It's so nice that the studio does all these things together.

Things are changing again at work. My whole department is outsourcing and completely disappearing from our building, so 40 of us will be purely sales from now on. I always did retention, collections, and a few sales for the last 3 years. I think it will be nice to focus on just sales from now on. I'm a little nervous, though.

This will be the last daily academic recap. I'll just do a weekly one from now on.

W's academics today

~ Elementary Life Science (McQuerry) Ch. 2, crossword, definitions

~ We read a short bio on Caspar David Friedrich. W studied "The Cross in the Mountains" for about 2 minutes and W created his own interpretation with crayons on drawing paper, then wrote the title and artist underneath in cursive.

~ We went over how to use a dictionary. I never realized how much there is to know when you show someone else.

~ We read 4 pgs of "Little House in the Big Woods".

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