Friday, June 02, 2006

It's that time of year again when I have to get all the homeschool paperwork in order. I'm just about done - I wrote out the 4th quarterly report, the annual assessment, and even next year's IHIP. All I have to do is change the dates on my old Letter of Intent and we're good to go. Last year I sent all 4 of these things in one envelope (certified mail aint cheap!), but the sup't office "misplaced" a few things and sent me a letter in the fall saying they never received some things. It was resolved when the man on the phone admitted all 4 sheets were stapled together at the moment the envelope was opened, being mistaken for one 4-page piece of correspondence. Proving once again that they don't read what I send. So now I guess I'll have to spend over $10 sending each thing separately. I don't mind that much - if I keep things easy for them, they leave me alone.

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Mammal_Mama said...

How sad that they need everything simplified -- but kind of freeing, too, because you know no one's going over it all with a fine-tooth comb.

One blessing of living in my inner-city neighborhood where the schools have lost their accreditation: homeschoolers are pretty much left alone.

Of course, the lower housing costs which enabled us to buy here, also mean there is less revenue for education, which exacerbates many educational and social problems.

I'd rather have better schools for the majority of kids who have no other option, even if it meant the authorities had more time to look at what I was doing as an unschooler. As long as it didn't entail any loss of my freedom to unschool.