Thursday, September 13, 2007

After the readaloud (J is now supplying some of voices with foreign accents, lol) and the copywork (W did Kumon's "Writing Sentences" today) they both went right to math. W did a page of Kumon's "Simple Multiplication" and J started her new math workbook. She liked it. It starts out easy - 6 digit addition, finding perimeters, and calculating coin totals (e.g. 5 quarters, 4 dimes, 8 nickels, and 7 pennies = ?). Then it moves on to more challenging stuff. I think really mastering the basics creates a firm foundation for the higher advanced formulaic math she's looking forward to.

So, week 2 of implementing the schedule is going really well. We'll start doing more history, geography, and science next week. They've just been touching upon those so far with a few workbook pages, experiments, and homeschool events. Together, the kids and I will come up with what we'd like to start with first. J will probably pick American history, which is cool because I picked up a great book a few weeks ago. I'll use it as a readaloud and supplement with websites, museum trips, projects, a homemade timeline, and documentaries. The same goes for science. The theme was unanimously chosen as "nature" this year (specifically: geology, ecology, astronomy, and meteorology). We have some great books to read and we'll do a lot of experiments, nature walks/sketching/identifying, documentaries, websites, gardening, and museums. Totally relaxed, hands-on, and fun.

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