Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We have one more chapter left of The Witches. We'll finish it tomorrow and then go rent the movie! They've been dying to see it, but wanted to wait until we finished the book. J's copywork yesterday and today was "When Skies are Low and the Days are Dark" by N.M. Bodecker and "Gathering Leaves" by Stanley Cook. She also wrote a (revised, lol) letter to her new pen pal in Texas and did a few pages in her bridge workbook: singular, plural and collective subjects and verbs in a sentence, greatest common factors, and identifying the southeastern states and their capitals.

W did some reading, practiced a few sight words, and did a few pages in his bridge workbook: short vowels, rhyming words, and drawing. He has been creating a lot of paper crafts, coming up with new recipes, and engaging in so much creative play this week. He's been practicing the recorder, shadow puppets, and basketball, too. I keep forgetting to call the guy who runs the CYO basketball team. Ugh.

J had dance for 3 hours last night and K decided to take the Musical Theater class again this year. J is starting work on the big production number that includes all three company teams in her studio. K got a response from the place she applied to do volunteer work! She has an orientation/party next Thursday and has already been asked to help out at the big festival their having this Saturday.

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