Monday, September 24, 2007

More of the same today. We read 3 more chapters of The Witches, with detailed narrations from both kids. J's copywork was a poem by Kathryn Worth (and she recited it to us), W's was from the Sentences book. J did a page from the 7-8th grade math workbook (decimals subtraction and perimeter), and W did some single-digit addition again. It's working very well so far. They are liking the routine-ness of it all and look forward to that hour and 1/2 every weekday. We will soon be adding the science, history, and geography throughout the week, but I don't want to rock this great boat we're on yet. Besides, we're covering those subjects all the time anyway without even trying.

W went to the Jets game with B yesterday. It was his first football game and he loved it. They were in the luxury skybox on the 50-yard line, which was full of food, drinks, TVs, and couches. How great is that for your first game?

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