Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiet day at home today. It rained on and off and we got off to a late start their scheduled stuff. Earlier in the morning J and W did a little painting on a paint-by-numbers 3-D kit. W is becoming quite a perfectionist. He "messed up" 2 of them before he was satisfied with a partially painted 3rd one. He didn't feel like using the colors suggested by the number and just did his own thing. J preferred to follow he directions to the letter and was proud of the way it came out. She also hand-wrote a letter to a new penpal. She's been asking for one for a while and I put the word out last week and got a couple of responses. Now as soon as I remember to buy stamps, she can mail it, lol.

We started the readaloud at about noon. Then onto copywork. W then did some phonics work and J did several bridge pages. One page had 12 various multiple choice questions. I had no idea she knew that it was Galileo who made the first famous observations with a telescope and Vasco Nunez de Balboa who was the first European in North America to sight the Pacific Ocean. I was impressed.

K came home with a 10/10 on an essay she did last week and is eager to start a big project due Monday. I'm glad she seems to be settling in well at school. She has off Thursday and Friday already. I called the school today (anonymously, lol) to ask about a few certain things I was unsure of. At the end of the call I laughed and said I'm sorry for all the questions, but I just want to make sure I have everything in order. The office secretary said, "Are you kidding? It's so wonderful to hear from a parent who is really involved in what goes on at school!". That was cool. I do plan on being as involved as I can be.

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