Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I decided we'd get back to the structured stuff tomorrow, so the kids spent the morning doing their own thing (I had a mountain of laundry to put away). J picked up an English-Spanish dictionary and was into that for about a half-hour, telling me new words she learned and putting them together to make sentences. Both kids played on the recorder for a bit and we sat down together to watch a movie. We made lunch together, too.

K went to hang out with friends after school and J had her first day of dance this season. Today was Musical Theater, Tap Technique, and Ballet Floor Barre. She was thrilled to come out of the summer break and is so ready to start learning new routines. As for W, the school we originally thought of taking him to for basketball has now told us they only take 3rd graders and up. They did admit to having 7y/os on the team, though, so I may take him there next year. The coach is actually going to see if W can join this year. W's a big kid and plays pretty well, so we'll see. Otherwise I may take to a different place where they have "instructional" for 6 y/os. That might be better for him anyway. I'll call tomorrow.

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