Friday, September 07, 2007

Today was the homeschool group's annual Back to No-School Picnic! We had about 50 families with over 6 dozen kids filling up the park. What a great day. I met so many new group members and reconnected with old ones. The kids were the best. We were all pretty much in one playground area and even though there were so many kids, there was no screaming, no fighting, no nastiness, and no exclusion. Everyone played with everyone, big kids helped and guided little kids, games were played fairly, and so many new friendships were formed.

Since our group has over 100 families now, 100 was the theme of the day. The kids brought anything representing 100. There were rock collections, homemade cookies, bracelets to hand out, etc. J brought her award bunny that has about 100 dance ribbons pinned all over it. We had a parade so the kids could show off what they brought. I loved it all.

Before we got to the picnic, I stopped to pick up a "new" bike for W. I wanted to get him a brand new 20", but found nothing less than $90. I just can't bring myself to get him an expensive bike when he's still learning to ride. It would get beat up so fast. So on craigslist I found a gently used 20" Magna that was just perfect - and only $40! I picked it up right after I dropped K off at school. He loves it.

J had her first dance rehearsal of the season this afternoon. It was just a once-over of all last year's dances to perform at a local street fair on Sunday. She can't wait til the regular dance schedule begins.

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