Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday I read them 3 chapters of The Witches. They're so into it and we would have kept going if it wasn't getting too late. J's copywork was February Twilight by Sara Teasdale. Then she stood and recited it to us with total dramatic flair, lol. W did another couple of pages in Writing Sentences. His handwriting has gotten so much nicer than just a few weeks ago.

After that we picked up a few things for J's costume. This is for the audition she had today. She came up with such a cool getup: red leggings, white booty shorts, half the leotard from when she was a semifinalist for nationals in Boston (I cut it into a half tank), a boys long-sleeve white oxford school shirt (open with the bottom sides tied together under the chest), a red scrunchy "pleather" belt, big silver hoop earrings, and topped off with a red urban poof cap. I was so excited for her today, but a little anxious since I had to work all day wand would have to miss it. She got herself dressed and made-up, and B took care of the smaller details, like pinning and making sure she was all put together.

They were keeping these auditions very secretive and had all the windows covered. B peeked in through a crack, lol. J performed very well. She was so proud of herself afterward. The studio owner said it was the best performance she's ever seen her do. P (J's solo coach last year and also a "judge" on the "panel") said she was really "in the box" with that. J didn't know what that meant, but she was sure it was a compliment, lol. The third panel judge just wrote a bunch of notes. This audition is not about seeing if J continues in the company - she pretty much automatically does. I think it's to have the kids showcase their ideas and talents in a creative way so the owner and teachers can see more of what they're all about. It is, however, an actual audition for new students hoping to qualify for the company. I think we'll probably have one new girl this year on the team.

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