Sunday, September 09, 2007

Today was the annual street fair near J's dance studio. We got there around 10:30am and they started performing at 11. There were about 10 numbers altogether comprising all 3 company teams. J did 2 group numbers, her dance solo, and her vocal solo. All the kids did the big High School Musical number as well. K and W are in that one - K is Gabriella and sings by herself, too! It was so fun! The whole run lasted about an hour and then they did it all again at 1pm. It was a big fair this year. There were a lot of rides and bouncy things for the kids and so many stands. W bought silly string, poppers, buzz gum, and plastic handcuffs. K hung out with all the 14 other y/os and was happy to help promote the dance school. J and her friends walked up and down the 5 block area handing out flyers and holding the big studio sign. J's homeschool friend, A, came with her family to watch and my parents were there too. It was so hot - thank God they didn't have to change into costumes.After the fair, we went home, showered and changed real quick and went to my cousin's Christening party at 4pm. It was so nice to see the extended family. We got home around 8pm. J is sleeping over A's house tonight and working on the oral report they're doing for the Geography Club (typical clothing of the Congo). The rest of us can't hit the pillow soon enough, lol.

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