Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The kids were very eager this morning to continue with The Witches. It's getting really good now. Then J's copywork was another poem and W's was from Green Eggs and Ham. His handwriting has improved so much doing this. After that, we cut up some canteloupe and watched a movie. K got out of school early today and we drove over to the place where she will hopefully be chosen to do volunteer work once a week. She dropped off her application and now we wait for the interview call.

On the way home we stopped for Japanese food and to buy a few more books at B&N. I found a great poetry book for J (and maybe W) to use for copywork and a 7th/8th-grade math workbook. She absolutely loves math and has asked for something a little more challenging than what's in the 6th-7th-grade bridge book. She started on prealgebra a bit last year, but she's realizing that math has somewhat of an order to it and wants to work up to algebra more slowly.

K went to a friend's house in the afternoon, J went in her room to learn some more songs on the recorder, and W played a couple of computer games. I took off work tonight to go to the big dance company meeting at 7pm. This looks like it's going to be an awesome season. J has 5 group numbers (tap, jazz, lyrical, large group jazz, and production tap) and 3 solos this year (jazz, musical theater, and vocal). Classes start on Tuesday!

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