Tuesday, May 05, 2009

After a bit of cleaning and a great breakfast made by dh (he made this incredible bread pudding from the leftover 4 baguette loaves we had from W's party) W did some academic stuff. He loves Aesop and loves the battle stories a lot. Shakespeare, well, he can take it or leave it, lol, but still likes listening. Dh drove J to her friend's house at around noon - she's moving to Spain in a week, so they want to spend as much time together now as they can. Then dh and W went to the cheapo clothing store to try and find more pieces to the musical theater costumes for the dance recital. They're doing a Scrooge piece and the kids are various characters like ghosts, guests at Fezziwigs party, townspeople, etc. 19th century clothing isn't so easy, lol.

Rain rain and more rain today, so no playground for W. He bounced around the house practicing his ninja moves for a while, then played his new DS games and some Wii. When K got home from school, we all watched really funny You Tube videos and had a snack. W went around measuring things with the tape measure and was thrilled that he now measures 54" - finally at the "Twizzler" height and can go on all the Hershey Park rides!

J and her friend dyed the underneath part of each other's hair platinum blond, and then dh drove her to dance. She assisted with the 7yos (and can't wait to direct them from the "pit" in the recital!). Then she had her company tap class where they all went over their competition numbers a few times. Dh drove me to work by 6 and drove W back to the dance studio to join his sister in the musical theater class. He really loves all the singing, dancing, and acting. Total ham. Fits in well with the rest of us.

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