Friday, May 22, 2009


W had a nice Urban Rangers class today at Central Park. This one was about "Orienteering", using maps and a compass to find things or know where you're going. W had a good time. Lots of his friends were there. It was really hot out and trekking through the trails, rocks, and woods wore me out. I'm glad we brought lunch and bottles of water with us. If I wasn't so tired we probably would have gone into the Met Museum of Art afterward. It was right there. But we're going with friends in a couple of weeks and I'd rather wait. I stole some batteries out of the TV remote, so I got some pics today:

Urban Ranger Homeschoolers with Park Ranger

The view from the castle

The road to the castle in the spring...

...And last fall

W really stuck with his academic schedule this week. B got to work with him a few days, and W loved that. W is flying through the math and is convinced he's ready for the 7th grade stuff J is doing, lol. Here's his recap for this week:

Spectrum Phonics Grade 2: (silent consonants, double vowels)
CIMS Math: (place value w/money, using ordinal numbers, adding 3 numbers)
Poetry A.A. Milne: 4 poems
Copywork: the day's poetry (one line and/or title of poem)
Spanish: Numbers 1-10 (digits and words)
McQuerry Science: Ch. 3 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "The Ungrateful Soldier", "George Washington and his Hatchet", "Doctor Goldsmith" w/narrations
Blue Fairy Book: "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" (7pgs,completed) w/narrations
Aesop for Children: "The Hares and the Frogs", The Fox and the Stork", "The Travelers and the Sea" w/narrations
Tales From Shakespeare: "As You Like It" (5pgs)
George Washington (D'Auliere) - 1 pg w/narration
The Burgess Bird Book: "Old Clothes and Old Houses" w/narration
Paddle to the Sea: Ch 25, 26, 27 w/narrations
Class: Central Park Zoo School 5/18 - "Polar Expedition" (adapting to life at the poles)
Class: Central Park Urban Rangers 5/22- "Orienteering" (using maps and a compass)

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