Tuesday, May 26, 2009

W marched in a Memorial Day parade on Sunday with his cub scout pack. It turned out to be a beautiful day even though the weatherman said rain. He had on his scout shirt and neckerchief and was given a small flag to carry as he marched. B and J were invited to march with them too. I stayed on the sidelines taking pictures. Afterwards, we met back at the lodge for hotdogs and soda. W had a great time running around with his friends. J's friend from dance was there, too, so they hung out together.

Monday it was nice out again so B took W to a different playground by the dance studio. There were lots of his cub scout friends there and parents that B knew. B got to sit and chat with everyone. W rode his bike around. They both decided that was their new favorite park.

J has been all over the place with friends this weekend. I swear that kid is never home, lol. I think she was at 4 different friends' houses in as many days. We've made plans this week to redo and clean up her bedroom so her friends can come over too. She hates messes and won't have anyone here until it's clean. Today she's at dance for 3.5 hours. Her first class is where she teaches the little ones. B was watching her last week and said she's so cute in there and the kids love her. She stretches with them first and then she mainly demonstrates steps and technique. She even has a shirt that says "STAFF" on it.

K is back to school today. She really had a great week off. Work is wonderful. We visited her on Friday afternoon (we were already in the area running errands) and everyone there really is nice. They gave us free pizza and ices. I can see why she loves it so much, lol. She got paid on Friday and it was way more than what we both thought she'd get. She's on cloud 9. She put away 1/2 the money and is budgeting the rest for the week. She already got her hair cut on Saturday and went out to dinner with about 7 friends last night. When I picked her up she said it was so amazing to actually have her own money. I'm so proud of her.

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