Sunday, May 10, 2009

The boys are having a blast camping. Dh said W was shooting BB guns, learning archery, playing mini-golf and running around getting completely filthy. Gotta love it. You're not an 8yo boy unless you can get completely filthy dirty fairly often. He's in an awesome troop. They do lots of cool things and go on about 4 or 5 camping/fishing weekends a year.

K went to a Regents test prep class early in the morning. She got out at about noon and took the bus over to a nearby pizza place. It turns out, that the night before she was talking with friends about wanting a job. This kid D, who grew up in Italy and has been in NY for only about 2 years, mentioned that his uncle owned a pizzeria and needed someone afternoons and weekends. She was nervous and excited and stayed on the phone with me the whole time on the bus and walking the few blocks to the doorway. 15 minutes later she calls me almost in tears that she got the job! This is a dream come true for her. I'm so proud of how she handled everything. She starts Friday.

J went over a friend's house for the afternoon. Dh's aunt drove me to work by 2. K took the bus home. Dh's aunt and MIL picked K up at around 5, went to church, picked me up at work at 6, then picked J up at the friend's house. And to top it all off, they took us all out for dinner! Wow. :)

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