Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pizza, Regional Title, and W

K loves her new job. The pizzeria is so fun. She's the cashier, the phone-order taker, and will serve Italian ices outside in the summer. A few friends of hers already came in to see her. She gets a few breaks throughout her shift and all the pizza and beverages she wants. For 3 days a week of work she'll bring home well over $100. She couldn't believe how much fun it was. The people there are really nice. She already memorized the menu and the prices. The owner said she's the fastest learner they've had. I love that she's so happy. This is a great place, in a great location.

Today was J's final regional competition. She did 2 solos and 6 group numbers. She scored Platinum on 6, Xtreme Gold on 1, and Xtreme Platinum on 1. In the Junior Solo category she came in first place overall and WON TITLE!! She got a plaque that says "Junior Miss XXXX 2009" and a jacket that says XXXX Title Winner across the front. She also made it onto their Extreme Team - a performance team like the one she did a few years ago. This is the 3rd performance team she's made it onto, all from different dance competitions! We aren't doing it (time and money are never on our side), but it's still so awesome to be picked!

W put up with the competition like a trooper. He hung out with his friends and made a few new ones. For an 11-hour day, he was surprisingly in a great mood throughout. He did a couple of days work this week - not as much as scheduled - but it's fine. Again, it's his choice what he wants to do. He knows that and some days he'll decide on one page other days he'll do 5 nonstop. He has a bunch of trips and classes coming up over the next few weeks so that's all part of his learning. We'll get to the schedule when we get to it. He's playing along well though, and still enjoys it all. :)

Here's his weekly academic recap:

Spectrum Phonics Grade 2: 3 pgs (silent consonants)
CIMS Math: 5 pgs (addition review, place value to hundreds, adding coins up to $1)
Poetry: A.A. Milne: 3 poems
Copywork: the day's poetry
Our Island Story: "The Story of How the Giant's Dance was Brought to Britain"
Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "Sir Philip Sidney"
Blue Fairy Book: "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp"
Aesop for Children: "The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox"

(All readings include an oral narration. He's really good at that and has fun with it. He's starting to be a perfectionist with his handwriting now. If it's not perfect, he'll get upset, erase it all, and do it again. It doesn't matter that I tell him it looks nice. He wants it to look a certain way. I hope it's just a phase, lol.)

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