Thursday, May 21, 2009

It sucks having no camera betteries. I keep forgetting to get some.

Monday W went to a zoo class at Central Park on "Polar Expeditions". It was about knowing what it takes to survive the harsh conditions of the poles. They learned about adaptations and geography. Afterwards they pet some zoo animals and went around exploring the whole zoo. B took W this time. B hasn't been to the Central Park Zoo in ages and was excited to see it again. They watched the seal feeding and loved seeing the polar bears. It was a nice, easy train ride and a very short walk to get to Central Park. Actually everything is a nice, easy train ride and a short walk from my house, lol.

The rest of the week, W has been going to the playground every day. He meets up with his friends and plays tag and cops & robbers. This week he's been riding his bike every day as well. He finally grew into the craigslist $40 bike we got for him last year, lol. I was going to buy him a new bike for his birthday this year, but I just don't see the point. He scratches his bike up, crashes into things (lol), and it falls over sometimes even with the kickstand down. W's musical theater class was really fun this week. It's almost recital time and they're down to the wire.

J has been busy with dance this week. By Wednesday night, she had already put in 7 hours. Tonight she'll be there another 2 1/2 hours. They created a huge opening number for the recital and it's so good, that they may take it out for competition. We've been doing some more math this week. I think she's ready for the exam. That will be given the first week of June.

K worked Tuesday and will again on Friday. She still thinks it's fun and seems to take her responsibilities seriously. Her school is closed this whole week due to swine flu. She's been making lots of plans, hanging out with friends, and deciding what to so with her new money, lol.

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