Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This morning B drove K to school, made coffee, did dishes, and started cleaning out the basement. I know. I slept til almost 10am.

W and I do all the Ambleside Online "extra stuff" on Wednesdays. So today was a nice bit of a diversion. W had a lot of fun with it all.

In the afternoon, W and I played a game of chess and then B took him out to the playground for a bit. He got home and fried up some sliced turkey. For an 8yo boy, he is a very good little chef. Thankfully he has his father's cooking gene and not mine.

While W was at the playground, J and I spent about an hour doing some 7th grade math review. That standardized test is in a couple of weeks and she wants to brush up on the math skills. Since she's done mostly 8th grade stuff this year, she just wants to make sure she remembers the 7th grade stuff. She went over her friend's house at around 4pm and I went to work at 6.

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