Thursday, March 23, 2006

It was such a gorgeous day out today. W started the morning rolling around the apartment with his Heely's on. He's good at it now, doing spins and everything. After J and I dropped him off at school we went to the supermarket. J made out the list and we brought the calculator. She learned so much there today. She asked questions about unit pricing, compared meat prices, and estimated what our produce cost based on the price per pound. We kept track the best we could with the calculator and ended up being off by 1 cent! I really enjoyed that with her.

After picking up W, we all went to the playground, where they found their friends. Sarah was there, but when I didn't see her little sister I asked where she was. Sarah said she was in "afterschool" to help with her learning because she couldn't read yet. I felt so bad that a Kindergarten child was missing a great time at the playground on one of the most beautiful days of the year because the government demands this child be a fluent reader at 5 years old even if she's not ready. Yeah, that's gonna make her want to read. Unbelievable.

We picked up K, drove to dance, I dropped off the girls, and brought W to the playground over there. He made friends quickly and was soon playing catch and tag with several other boys there. A woman struck up a conversation with me and in 20 minutes told me her whole life story. I must just have that "safe", approachable look, because this happens very often. Maybe people could tell I was a psych major? LOL. After a while W and I went back to get J and ended up watching the kids run their solos. W showed the owner how he can do a perfect cartwheel. She was shocked - and so was I. When did he learn that?

B and the band had a gig tonight at a popular place between Canal and Chambers Streets in downtown Manhattan. He said it was great. They've got a bunch of other gigs coming coming up, including CBGBs in May or June (who cancelled last month due to a movie being filmed there). I gotta get out to see one of his shows soon. It's been too long.

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