Sunday, March 19, 2006

The kids had CCD this morning (Catholic instruction) and B took them to Modell's afterwards. He bought W an aluminum bat and J tried Heely's on so my mom knows what size to order for her. B decided to barbecue today, so the kids were outside with him most of the afternoon. W rode his bike and scooter and threw the ball around with B for a while. J rode her scooter, chased W around a bit, and came in after 45 minutes because it was too cold out. K and I worked on about 200 math definitions on index cards for math class. She gave me the word, I looked it up on, copied and pasted the definitions onto a Word document, made the font large, printed it out, and she cut them out and glued them to the index cards. It was very boring, tedious, and completely pointless, but she had fun with it and knew most of the definitions before I even looked them up. After dinner, K and J played with HTML codes to update and decorate their websites and B went to 7-11 and bought us all ice cream and slurpees for dessert!

The dance studio created a new 5-week intense hip-hop class for ages 12-18 and K's going to take it. It'll be right before Musical Theater on Mondays so timewise, it works for us. The owner is teaching it and K is excited to show her what she can do. And it's a "non-recital" class, much to K's delight. So that starts next month.


Patrice said...

I have nothing really to add, I'm just being silly and HAD to reply "Got to go to Mo's, got to go to Modells, got to go to Mo's, Modells" LOL! Sorry, silly me. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yup, I still sing the stupid theme song every time I drive by it!