Sunday, March 12, 2006

So, K still doesn't know what part in the play she has. It's one of the leads, but this director is known for being painfully slow with decisions. My niece's birthday party was fun. All the kids played kickball and everyone was cracking up at all of it. Of course when you don't see people for at least a year, they ask how the kids are doing in school. And of course homeschooling questions were rampant. I answered all of them very straightforwardly, exuding a bit of pride without trying to gloat. I let the questions come to me. I don't bring it up myself too much anymore. I do try and leave them wondering, though. Maybe they'll get curious enough to research homeschooling themselves. J is so smart, outgoing, and gets along with everyone - and she's the only homeschooled kid in our circle, which makes her a walking homeschooling billboard. You know everyone's checking her out for any "abnormalities", lol.

Today we took W to Chuck E Cheese. We scrapped the movie idea since it would have been too late to get back to my mom's. He had a blast, playing with his cousins and accumulating 557 tickets, which bought him a few silly toys that will probably all be in the garbage by next week. Mom bought him Heely's, baseball cleats, new Nike sneakers, a baseball glove, 3 baseballs, and a Spongebob Gameboy game. Speaking of baseball, his coach called today to say that the first practice is on Thursday. W's team is the "NY Mets" (much to B's delight. I, however, am a Yankee fan. So I told B that no one else wanted to be the Mets so they gave it to the 5-year-olds, hahahaha! B was not amused). I can't wait to see W play. Lotsa photos and video in the near future!

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