Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yesterday was the first time this winter it was warm enough to go to the playground and it was packed! W found his friend R (who's in Kindy) right away and they stuck together the whole time. They buried a small bouncy ball in the dirt, "so the bad guys couldn't find their treasure" and ran around eating icees and getting dirty. He's going on a school trip next week - to one of the worst neighborhoods in Queens. Ugh. If J and I can't chaperone, he ain't going. I still haven't mentioned homeschooling to him yet. I need to ease into it slowly with him. I'm going to start keeping home one day every 2 weeks to bring him to a hs group event and get him meeting some more kids.

K's grades have been improving. She has done extra credit for math and social studies, got a A+ on a poem, and a 94 on her science project. She has her heart set on certain (specialized and private) high schools and I told her the ball is in her court. She has to put in the work to yield the results she's looking for. This morning she has play practice (from 8 - 12:30) and will find out what part she got. I get so worried about her sometimes. On every news channel this morning there are stories about how girls are getting worse and worse as far as drinking, drugs, sex, and violence. Somehow, though, I don't see many homeschoolers falling under the spell of peer-pressure because they're not forced to face and remain in toxic/dangerous situations like high school kids are. I really hope K keeps a good head on her shoulders - because I'll be keeping the reins pretty tight.

J went on to play around with fractions and taught W some dance moves with the tv set to "dance music". We walked home from W's school and back to get him enjoying how spring like the air was. J had team tech class last night (mainly ballet) and went over some group scores with the teacher. She came home and watched "High School Musical" - which she has seen every time it's been on and knows every song, dance, and just about every word in the movie.

Today we have my niece's birthday party upstate, after K finishes practice, and then K, J, and I are going to a show this evening. Tomorrow we’re meeting up with my sister, G, and her 2 kids to see The Shaggy Dog, go to Chuck E Cheese, and have dinner and cake back at my mom’s house.

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