Monday, March 27, 2006

This morning W asked to watch "Word Factory" (from Leapfrog) and sounded out words with the program. Then he got inspired to guess more words so he brought over his alphabet word book to "do" with me. Then after playing with a few wind up toys, racing them to see which one would get to the finish line first, and watching Paz on Ready Set Learn, he went into the bathroom and shaved with his play razor and B's shaving cream. I let him stay home from school today so we could go to a homeschool group event. It was kids presentations on the country of the month (this month is Poland) and getting to sample lots of Polish food. It was our first time there and it was awesome. The presentations were wonderful and the food was even better. Then the kids played together outside. J met a girl her age and they played the whole time. I found out she has a very similar situation to J as far as the whole gifted thing and not being a good fit for school. They exchanged phone numbers and I hope we see them again soon.

After picking up K, we went out to Musical Theater class. I took W to the playground while the girls were in class. W met a couple of boys and they seemed to be playing great together until I saw them all beating the crap out of each other a few minutes later. W said it was because he got tired of them following him around the park. Sigh. We left right after that and I had a long talk with him about keeping his hands off other people. I know he'd had a long day and was tired, but it's still no excuse. It's weird after having 2 girls, to deal with testosterone outbursts.

The girls enjoyed the class - the number looks great. They are both in the front pretty much the whole time, too. J is doing forte turns by herself in the dance at one point. K is excited to get to show what she can do and her new hip-hop class is supposed to start Monday. J found out one of the boys on her team "likes" her. He told her yesterday. He even carries around a picture of her in his wallet. He's 11 and they've known each other over 2 years. She's a little weirded out by it, but is taking it in stride. One of the other boys is kind of (playfully) teasing them both about it, so I'm sure all the kids know. I just don't want J to start feeling uncomfortable and awkward now. We had a little talk about boys and feelings and how this won't be the first time this happens and I'm pretty confident she'll handle it well.

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Patrice said...

Oh man, I don't want to even think about crushes and the like, but then again my oldest is 6 and I remember my earliest crush at 5. Eep--although my mother said it was earlier and all three of my nuts (LOL!) are flirts.

Sorry about W and the fighting. So far so good with my son, but he's in a VERY flirty stage right now. And he's only 4, but he wants a girlfriend with big breasts. ROFL!

And my last comment, I wish I was there, I LOVE Polish food. Love, love, love it. Now I'm going to have to get me a Polish cookbook. Yummy. And one of my favorite Priests of all time is Polish and my favorite church of all time back in Brooklyn had a Polish cook and all I can say is yum. Anyone who can cook beets that I will actually eat, well drool!